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Professional Services

Florida Building Code Compliance

Private Provider Services


Florida Statute 553.791 provides for the ability for residential and commercial contractors, developers, architects and engineers, property management companies and property owners to utilize an independent "private provider" to ensure code compliance with their construction documents and state mandated code inspections during the construction process; this law is in lieu of settling for the services afforded by local government for plan review and inspection personnel.  


Quorum Services is a licensed and insured engineering firm centrally located in the Tampa Bay area. Our QS team members have decades of proven experience in construction and the enforcement of state and local building codes and flood control regulations.  Many of our inspectors are multi-trade certified, allowing your project to aggressively push forward without un-necessary delays experienced with single trade inspections and roll over inspections produced by over burdened building departments. We can "fast track" your project with electronic plan review and we can work directly with your design professional to avoid potential delays in plan review for obtaining a permit.  Our QS team goes the extra mile to assist our clients with accelerating project completion to eliminate the risk of liquidated damages and reduced profits due to additional overhead and expenses arising from delays with plan review and inspections commonly experienced in the field.


Our number one goal is to protect the safety and welfare of the public through our Florida Building Code Compliance services, while providing our clients the unparalelled service and support to ensure that their project is completed on time and on budget. Did you know that most QS plan reviews are completed electronically within 3-5 days from receipt of the construction documents and inspections are available to our clients 24/7/365 days a year?  We work for you!


Government Support Services


Quorum Services provides customized services which encompass either complete or supplemental support for code compliance personnel to governmental agencies throughout Florida.  With the recovery of our country's economy, coupled with a shortage of experienced codes personnel and related budget constraints experienced by most governmental agencies, staffing for building code compliance has become a very serious and difficult task.


Outsourcing code compliance activities for both plan review and inspections are very attractive options for government agencies.  In fact, many local jurisdictions and municipalities are privatizing their entire building departments and eliminating the budgets needed for employee wages and costly benefits packages typically offered to governmental employees.  It's a win-win for all!


Quorum Services provides state licensed plan review and code compliance inspection personnel to local building departments throughout Florida.  Our QS codes staff have earned and maintain the same professional state licensures as government employees, and simply wear the sleeve of the agency for performance of the code compliance activities within their jurisdiction; a huge relief for building departments with the under staffing and budget hardships experienced by many local permitting departments. 

Mission Statement
"To work in partnership
with industry professionals
who are equally challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of the value of time, relationships and the importance of stellar performance for continued personal and professional growth"
Core Values
 "Collectively attaining one common Goal"
 Greatness ~ Act strictly with honesty and integrity to deliver greatness.
 Ownership ~ Taking ownership of the company  values and our client success.
 Accountability ~ Responsibility of our actions that positively influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers.
 Leadership ~ The courage to lead from the front  and shape the future. 
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